General February 2, 2023


Home is where the heart is, and with the latest technological advancements, it can also be where comfort, convenience, and luxury reside. From smart thermostats to voice-controlled lighting, there are an abundance of gadgets available to elevate your living space. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top must-have tech gadgets that will turn your home into a smart and sophisticated haven.

A look into the evolution of smart home technology
The concept of a smart home has evolved over the past 100 years with the invention of technology that allows for easy control of your home.





Zero Distance’s WeHead

Are you tired of feeling disconnected during 2D Zoom calls? Zero Distance’s WeHead device offers a solution. It creates the illusion of a remote attendee being physically present in the room. The device features screens on the front that display the participant in 3D, and mimics the participant’s movements, such as head nods, for a more immersive experience.

eKinekt BD Bike by Acer  

Forget treadmill desks, the bike-desk is the new way to stay active while working. Not only does it allow you to burn calories, but it also generates power to charge your devices. As you pedal, the kinetic energy produced is used to power your workstation, making it the first of its kind to combine exercise and power supply.



GE Profile Smart Stand Mixer

The GE Profile 7-quart stand mixer is designed with a built-in scale that allows you to easily measure ingredients directly into the bowl. It is also equipped with a feature that automatically detects when mixing is complete for a selection of recipes, based on changes in the mixture’s texture and consistency. And its companion app has several stand-mixer-reliant recipes for you to try out.



LG’s MoodUp Fridge

LG’s MoodUp fridge is designed to add a fun and exciting touch to your kitchen, with the ability to change its color to match your mood or kitchen decor. Using the LED-laden door panels and a smartphone app, you can choose from 23 color options for the top half and 19 for the bottom half of the fridge. It also has a built-in bluetooth speaker that allows you to play music from connected devices and the LED panels will change color to the rhythm of the music.


  Samsung’s AI Wall Oven

Samsung’s new AI Wall Oven is equipped with an internal camera and technology that lets you send a view of the inside of your oven straight to social media. The AI Pro Cooking algorithm can recognize up to 80 dishes and recommend an appropriate temperature, time and cooking mode, then send notifications to help prevent your food from burning.


Reenacle Prime

The Reenacle Prime is  a composter designed to reduce up to 90% of your food waste by turning it into rich fertilizer that you can spread on top of your lawn soil, garden or potted plants. The system uses a long-lasting filter, so you won’t have to constantly replace it, plus it has a motion-operated, motorized lid for easy depositing of food.



Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is a cleaning powerhouse that will make your life easier. After it’s finished cleaning, it will automatically head to the RockDock Ultra System where it will wash the mop, empty dust, refill clean water, and self-clean the mop pad. Plus, new warm-air drying technology will keep your mop pad and dock fresh and mold-free. You’ll be cleaning like a pro with this little robot!



U-scan by Withings

Get the inside scoop on your health with this tiny but mighty device. With just a 9cm diameter, it fits snugly inside your toilet bowl and gives you an instant snapshot of your body’s balance by tracking a wide range of biomarkers in your urine. The results are sent straight to your smartphone app, where you’ll get personalized analysis and recommendations. You’ll be feeling like a health pro in no time!



Caducy by i-Virtual

Say hello to your new personal health expert, Caducy. It’s a medical device that uses just a 30-second video selfie to measure your vital signs, including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and even your stress level, all without any contact. It’s designed to improve access to healthcare for everyone and make remote patient monitoring a breeze.


  LG’s Pricare Aero Furniture

The PuriCare Objet Collection Aero Furniture design features a rounded tower base that houses the air 360-degree purifier and a flat surface atop that contains a wireless charging pad for compatible gadgets such as phones or earbuds. It uses HEPA filtration, and LG’s UVnano tech that keeps its blades free of viruses and bacteria.


EcoFlow’s Delta Pro

EcoFlow is your power superhero in case of emergency. Their whole-home backup power device will keep your lights on and more for a whole week after a storm or natural disaster. The best part is it’s environmentally friendly and can be charged by solar power, allowing the entire system to reach a full charge in under two hours. Keep calm and EcoFlow on!



Nanoleaf’s Sense+ Controls and Nala

Nanoleaf wants to make lighting control a handsfree affair. Three devices – a hardwired smart light switch, a wireless smart light switch, and the Nala Learning Bridge – work together with Nanoleaf’s Automation Leaning Assistant (Nala) to better understand your lighting prefaces from everyday use and your usual routines. The system will predict your usual actions like turning lights on and off and brightness or color adjustments.


  Rachio’s Smart Hose Hub

The new Wi-Fi connected Smart Hose Timer can be installed in under 10 minutes and easily connects an existing hose spigot to a hose, turning it into an intelligent water delivery tool. Working alongside the free Rachio app, users can program and schedule multiple different water schedules for each day while leveraging a series of smart features.